Interview | Capital Network Administrator

Hello guys. We invited Aaron Hoffmann, capitalnetwork administrator to answer us on a few interesting questions. You can drink a glass of coffee or tea and enjoy reading.

Aaron, thank you for joining us, please tell us about yourself and your early days in the HYIP industry.

Hello all, I’m the admin for and I entered HYIP world around 2013 years. Wasn’t really focus that much in it, I only get serious in it after few months later where my $100 turn into $800 in over 2 months period. I was hooked and pretty amazed with the returns. Eventually I have slowly build my network of large referral and earning money in HYIP programs ever since.

What condition do you think the HYIP world is in right now?

HYIP world have changed drastically over the years. Many good admins have make HYIP have help to boost the industry. (HYIP) Definitely became a better industry compared to years ago


Are you going to add more payment processors?

At the meantime, we will be focusing on 3 payment processor only. We will add Bitcoin API for the ease of deposit. With Bitcoin API, members would have their deposit reflected in their account shortly.

Please tell us about the investment plans your project offers ?

We currently have 4 plans at

Our hottest plan is the “Pro” plan, which offers :- 5% daily for 35 days

Alpha :- 3% daily for 45 days

VIP – 200% after 25 days

Accumulator – 300% after 50 days

(All plan included principal)

What is unique about your project and why do you think investors should invest their money in it?

We have a reason that why we set our daily interest lower compared to out peers. We wanted to make sure that we will always manage to earn the profits from the market and share it with our members. Sustainability will always be the first objectives in Capital Network. My aim of creating Capital Network is to have a platform to serve all the investors who aims to earn in the long run, I hope we can grow a community here.

What are your goals as an administrator when running a project?

My objective is always to try maximise all my investors profits. Either one way or another. Being one of the top program in this industry is one of our long term prospect

Recent scam wave affected the industry, do you think many projects will close after leaders are gone? 

I don’t think so. I personally think that all admins / owners of a program should have responsibility to provide their members their best service they could.

We noticed you use different script than Gold Coders, tell us about it?

GC scripts, undeniably is many investors guidelines to invest in. But what’s important is that we are paying, which we will continue to do so. Also, GC script disallow admin to improve their investment plan, which is one of the reason we did not use them.


Aaron, thank you for your time. I hope you guys like the interview.


Review | is a brand new investment program that invests in real Forex market and upon investor provides convincing evidence of their legitimate business and honesty… It has been around and paying only since May 6, 2016. For more, please read the review:

Hello guys and welcome back! is a new comer from a reputable admin, and has been around for 4 days so far, while paying investors all the while:


Investment plans are as follows:

FUND 1, 125% AFTER 1 DAY $10.00 – $500.00 103.00 % (investment included)
FUND 2, 55% DAILY FOR 3 DAYS $10.00 – $500.00 111.00 % (investment included)
FUND 3, 230% AFTER 5 DAYS $10.00 – $500.00 120.00 % (investment included)
FUND 4, 500% AFTER 10 DAYS $10.00 – $500.00 160.00 % (investment included)

Accepted Payment Processors: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, and Nix Money. The banners on the bottom of the page also indicate possible credit card payment, but it is not implemented at this time.

The payment processors include, aside from the standard ones, the newer Nix Money. As mentioned in previous reviews, the more options an investor gets, the more chances he/she will decide to invest.

There are a few others plans for longer periods of time (After 20 or After 30 days) , But most people won’t even go past the 3 day program:

fundasia,trade,hyip,after,daily,investment,forex,main,screen,bitcoin,payeer,perfectmoney,nix,money,plansThe dashboard is the heart of any HYIP program. This one is conservatively designed with brown accents on a white background. I liked most of the set-up, aside from the account settings option which leads to the wallet details – this is NOT on the left like all the rest of the options, but on the top right corner, for some reason – I marked it with a red frame in the screenshot below. Your referral link is available on the bottom and is copy-able.


Monitoring (“Rate Us”) page is updated, and shows a nice selection of monitors that shows it as paying (and a few that are still waiting – but consider it is a very new investment site). You can find more information about the paying status here:


Our investment is a $250 on the 1 Day plan. also keeps a referral system, and you get 3% from the deposit made by your direct referrals (Level 1) only. That’s respectable, and also may mean a longer life span since no level 2 referral is available.

Security (SSL certificate) is handled by COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server CA, which provides a strong sha256RSA SSL encryption.

Statistics show a total of 623 members (not all of them invest), and a total deposit so far of 26628.18 USD. That’s a modest start, but it’s only been 4 days, and it will grow:


A Leap Towards a Better Future

Our company is manned by people of ASIA EUROPE LIMITED.

Following the principles of money management and technical analysis of the market significantly reduce the risks of losing funds, our investment plans are risk-free. We handle all transactions of our clients in such a way that we are assured of at least 98% success rate in terms of profitizing. We have been in the forex market for over 2 years, and we’re very good at what we do. Our team has its own trading system that has a low risk level and a wide diversification of trading instruments which allows it to receive continuous profit.

All investors capital are invested in real forex market and upon investor request we provide convincing evidence of our legitimate business and honesty.You can rely us on for lifetime because We are not a ponzi scheme who rely on new investments to pay previous investor.

The website of FUNDASIA.TRADE has the highest degree of technical protection from any external threats. For maximum trust from the clients the company received a certificate of Extended Validation (Green Bar) from COMODO that provides the highest level of data encryption and the highest degree of trust to the website. FUNDASIA.TRADE is also protected from DDoS attacks 24/7 and is hosted on a dedicated server.

The company is duly registered in the United Kingdom and has the registration number of 09063319. Anyone who would like to check the information about the company can easily do this by visiting site of registry of corporate information The official registration opens more opportunities for the company and gets investors from all over the world acquainted with ASIA EUROPE LIMITED.

This endeavor is managed by a reputable admin which ran successful projects in the past and is committed to push for this project to last as long as possible.

We, here at Podyum, will follow up with him and as always keep you updated – day by day as usual!


Multiple Scams in a short period | Многочисленные скамы за короткий период

Recent Multiple Scams took down big and professional projects.

Hello boys and girls!

Lately (the last week or two), it seems many good projects have crashed and burned. These are projects that were well built, had plenty of potential, but maybe could not be sustained.

It may be due to the time of year, as towards the end of spring/beginning of summer the amount of investments may dwindle. Or it could be that too many people found their money lost in massive investments into HYIPs that turned to scam.

As we always try and re-iterate: DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE!

We’re still happy to say that the lion share of our investment portfolio held up for respectable time periods and most completed at least one round successfully/

Review | MountainClass

MountainClass is a new investment program that uses clients’ funds to participate in high marginal trades.. It has been around and paying only since April 30, 2016. For more, please read the review:

Hello guys and welcome back! MountainClass has been around for 6 days so far, while paying investors all the while:


Investment plans are as follows

Up to 130% after 1 day $10.00 – $350.00 102.00 % (investment included)
Up to 65% daily for 3 days $10.00 – $350.00 109.50 % (investment included)
Up to 270% after 5 days $10.00 – $350.00 120.00 % (investment included)
Up to 500% after 10 days $10.00 – $350.00 150.00 % (investment included)

Accepted Payment Processors: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Advcash, Nix Money, and Neteller.

The payment processors include, aside from the standard ones, the newer Advcash as well as Nix Money. As mentioned in previous reviews, the more options an investor gets, the more chances he/she will decide to invest.

There are a few others plans for longer periods of time (After 20 or After 30 days) , But most people won’t even go past the 3 day program:


The dashboard is the heart of any HYIP program. This one is nicely designed with some graphic elements and a blue-gray-white color scheme. I like the clear information presentation and easy access to options on the left, as well as the quick deposit option on the right which makes re-investing easier. Your referral link is available on the main dashboard screen which also helps.


The monitoring (“Rate Us”) page is not updated, and no information is available there, though the site is monitored. You can find more information about the paying status here.

Our investment is a $200 on the 1 Day plan.

MountainClass also keeps a referral system, and you get 2% from the deposit made by your direct referrals (Level 1) and 1% from the deposits referred by your direct referrals (Level 2). That’s not high by any means, but it may mean a longer life span.

Security (SSL certificate) is handled by COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server CA, which provides a strong sha256RSA SSL encryption.

The statistics show a total of 627 members (not all of them invest), and a total deposit so far of 43388.96 USD. That’s not a lot. It’s only been 6 days, but it should be higher :


ABOUT MountainClass:


Mountain Class is organized with a magnitude in mind. We want to create massive impact on the market and increase the level of quality for online investing. Mountain Class represents massive security, stability and premium quality. We are managed by Trade Alliance Consultants Limited, a company registered in the UK and located in the beautiful city of Norwich. Our site is providing Trade Alliance Consultants with the necessary resources and funds to maintain a high level of trading volumes to satisfy their needs for liquidity and equity supply.

MountainClass seems to have a somewhat experienced admin at the helm, and even with some concerns in regard to the deposit amount and the lack of on-site active monitoring page, it seems to have the potential to live long (ish) and prosper.

We, here at Podyum, hope that this will keep for a long time to come, and will keep you updated day by day as usual!

As always: Be careful and as always,DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE!

Stopped Paying | United Swiss Banks | Прекратили выплаты

United Swiss Banks stopped paying after 33 days | Проект прекратил выплаты спустя 33 дня.

Hello guys. Many complaints were filed and scam reports were sent. The After-One-Day project United Swiss Banks closed its doors after more than one month online, which is a good result for such a project. Clearly the differential RC plans contributed to the stability. DO NOT invest there!

Здравствуйте друзья. Мы получили очень много жалоб о прекращении выплат. Проект перведен в статус СКАМ после 33-ех дней работы, что действительно является очень даже престижным результатом. Ясно, что планы с разными комиссиоными процентами обеспечили проекту стабильность на долгое время. НЕ ВКЛАДЫВАТЬ БОЛЬШЕ!

United Swiss Banks
USB Main Page. Stopped Paying.


List of Active Investments | Список активных инвестиций / 27.4.2016

Read our List of Active Investments updated as of 27.4.2016  | Читайте наш список активных ивестиций и смотрите где мы вкладываем. Обновлен 27.4.2016

Podyum's List of Active Investments
Don’t waste time. Invest.

The HYIP world is sometimes a tough place to be. Too many projects, too many scams. Podyum is here to bring you trustworthy information on high quality projects you can rely on and earn. See where we invest and do the same! Our list of active investments includes several professional projects where we made deposits and get paid daily.

Мир ХАЙПов полон скамов и мошенников. Слишком много проектов, и тяжело выбрать где же вложить деньги. Цель Подиума дать вам информацию, о высококачественных проектах, на которую вы сможете положиться и заработать. Смотрите где мы вкладываем и сделайте так же! Наш список состоит из нескольких профессиональных проектов, куда мы вложили деньги, получая из них ежедневные выплаты.

Short-Term Projects, “After One Day” Projects | Проекты краткосрочные, “Спустя один день”

United Swiss Banks – 102%-103% After One Day..

Mid-Term Projects | Проекты на “средний срок”

BTCINO –  2% daily for 6 days / Principal Back | Bitcoin365Club – 2.1% daily for 20 days / Principal Back | ForexKing 2.1% daily for 15 days / Principal Back | – 7.7% for 15 days / Principal Included

Long-Term Projects | Долгосрочные проекты

CopperTradePro – 2.4% for 100 business days | Capital7 – 7% for 30 business days (~154% ROI) | – 2.5% for 60 trading days / Principal Included

PlatinumWay.Biz SCAM scam. The Project stopped paying to all investors.

PlatinumWay.Biz scam and is not safe any more. Reports of scam have been received and checked, and SCAM reports have been filed.

PlatinumWay.Biz больше не платит. Нам пожаловались многие инвесторы, и информация была проверена и подтверждена. Не вкладывйте!!


PlatinumWay.Biz SCAM
Scam warning

Stay away!

BTCINO.BIZ – New Midterm Project | Новый среднесрочный проект

BTCINO.BIZ was added to our investments list. This is a new Midterm Project. | Проект был добавлен в наш список активных инвестиций.

Hello guys, the above project was added to our active investments list and our investment in it is $200. Привет друзья. Проект был добавлен в наш список активных инвестиций и наш вклад в него составляет $200.

Main Page
BTCINO Main Page

A significant effort was invested in its design and plans. Of course the 4 languages are also on the pros list. Here are the investment plans offered by : Серьезные усилия были вложены в дизайн и планы. Конечно, четыре языка это тоже преимущество. Вот предложенные планы :

BTCINO Investment Plans Investment Plans

And lastly our account: Ну и на конец – наш кабинет.

Cabinet cabinet

A review will be posted within a few days. Обзор будет в течении нескольких дней.

United Swiss Banks is 28 Days online | Проект работает 28 дней

United Swiss Banks reached almost one month online and is doing well and paying | Проект United Swiss Banks работает почти месяц и платит стабильно

We’ve been in United Swiss Banks from day one and our downline keeps growing and they all have made a good profit. The administrator Rick Miller sent the investors an email with the latest news, you can read it below.

They say that numbers that has the number “8” is a lucky day. In just several hours from now, our website will be turning 28 days from its conception. This indicates that our company will be starting its 5th week online. While this may not be a tremendous achievement, we are still very glad that you have stuck with us all through out.

Our unique referral commission system has proven its effectiveness in deterring the bad apples and filtering only the good. This, we believe, has resulted in a cleaner and smoother operation and will prove its worth again for the many months to come.

Do remember though, that we process withdrawals on several batches per day. This is our systematic approach in ensuring the good flow of quality service that we are rendering to every single investor we have. What does this mean for you? This means that while you may see new withdrawals being processed on the public stats, and your newly submitted withdrawal is not processed, should only mean that your withdrawal will be processed on the next batch just hours after the current ones are being processed.

United Swiss Banks
United Swiss Banks Plans

Thank you for sticking with us.

Rick Miller of United Swiss Banks

Мы вкладываем в проект с первого дня и наша команда растет и все заработали. Администратор Рик Миллер послал инвесторам последние новости, читайте далее:

Говорят, что день, число которого заканчивается на цифру 8 – это везучий день. Через несколько часов наш сайт достигнет 28-ми дней с момента создания. Это говорит о том, что наша компания начнет пятую неделю работы. Возможно, это не такое сногсшибательное достежение, но мы все равно довольны тем, что вы остались с нами.

Наша уникальная реферальная программа доказала свою эфективность. Все плохие яблоки остались в стороне. Мы верим, что результат внедрения реф програмы является стабильной работой, и время еще покажет в ближайшие месяцы.

Напоманаем, что мы платим несколько раз в день. Это наш систематический подход, который гарантирует качество сервиса, которого мы предоставляем каждому нашему инвестору. Что это значит? Иногда вы сможете заметить, что новые выводы отработаны – а ваш нет, так как вы его только запросили. Вы должны подождать до следующего раза, когда мы будет отрабатывать запросы на вывод средств.

Спасибо, что остались с нами.

Рик Миллер – United Swiss Banks. 

Stopped Paying | Suv-Funds and Wealthmill | Прекратили выплаты

Stopped Paying | Suv-Funds and Wealthmill | Прекратили выплаты

Hello guys and fellow investors. Stopped paying: Legendary Suv-Funds and Wealthmill ran for 50 days and gave profit to a lot of investors. Many got out with fair or even very significant profit. But in the last days many complaints were filed and scam reports received. And the reason I say they are “Legendary” is because of the administrators behind. They promised to run for long time and they indeed kept their promise. Usually After-One-Day projects can’t pay for long time because the money inflow should be very high to pay hundreds of investors daily accruals with deposits return.

Stopped Paying. Suv-Funds
Suv-Funds. Ran 51 days.

We bring you trustworthy information so you would be able to invest and know your money is in good hands. If you follow us, chances are you will be in profit. With that being said – do not invest more than you can lose. This is the number one rule.

Привет друзьяю. Легендарные проекты Suv-Funds и Wealthmill проработали 50 дней и дали многим инвесторам выйти в профит и получить хороший навар. Но в последние пару дней много жалоб были высланы и тут явный скам – прекращение выплат. Причина того, что я назвал оба проекта “Легендарными” – из за администраторов, который работали над ними. Они как и обещали проработать долго, так они и сделали – слово свое сдержали. Обычно проекты, имеющие краткосрочные планы не живут на протяжении стольких дней, так как они должны выплачивать ежедневно большой навар сотьням инвесторов, возвращая депозиты.

Stopped Paying. Wealhmill Web-Site
Wealthmill. Ran for 50 days.

Мы вам предоставляем информацию, на которую можно положиться. Если вы будете следить за нами, высокий шанс, что вы выйдите в профит, т.е. заработаете. Несмотря на это, никогда не вклыдывайте больше чем вы можете себе позволить потерять. Это закон номер один.